A Sims 2 update and just chillaxing…

A Sheridan update is live! —>

As for gaming pix, I have those too… there aren’t too many so.. maybe tomorrow?

Today was a good if a little anti-climactic day. I started the day nervous, but Bees was allowed with me, so my fears were put to bed. And the procedure went well. I had a nice chicken tzatziki hummus wrap for dinner. It was served with jasmine rice. Very delicious tbh. 

I guess tomorrow is fish & chips with some side… as Mama Lisa comes tomorrow at 1p. See, last week we had Paula our other weekend staff… and she alternates with Lisa… so that Maman can get a break…. I help look after Leo, our Flemish giant guest. 🙂 I give him pellets and lettuce and fruits from Jo in the morning. He is a spoiled baby… but a well loved one at that lol. ❤️

I found out Maman gave me nighties. 🙂 3 cotton and 1 fleece. 🙂 I love her so~!!

Well, I am going to watch Terrifier or I may play Fantasy Life. I love that game!!


Bon nuit!



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