Good morning ppl!!

Up again for yet another day… I just woke up maybe half an hourI prior to this entry. I get pin and my bank account tomorrow. I can’t wait! As soon as Dave deposits some cash, I’m dropping the $4 for the monthly account. Of this you can be sure of. 

I am going to play Tomodachi Life and the Style Savvy games soon. I enjoy those games. AND, I hope to God that the Switch I’m getting can be jailbroken. Anyways… I am starving…. and I gotta go #2. But I know! TMI right??

So… today I’m getting my bath, and just relaxing the rest of the day. Tomorrow is the big day. Bees wants to order out Chinese again. I think I’ll have the same as last time, sesame chicken, chicken fried rice and chicken balls. Noms!!

I’ve got Head Above Water by Avril Lavigne in my head. She comes from Napanee, which is… around 2 hours east of us? Yeah.

Well.. I had better go…

😘😘😘 Sammy

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February 28, 2023


February 28, 2023

@ladiwan Right back atcha babes.