I’m thinking of doing a podcast very soon…

Like it’s almost 10p. And Dave STILL hasn’t given me the money. I am being led on a Jewish wild goose chase. I was promised the full $500 by Vicky, but he wants me to have $300! That money is mine for pete’s sake!!! STOP BEING A FUCKING ARSE AND GIVE ME THE STUPID CASH SO THAT I CAN LIVE MY LIFE INSTEAD OF BEING IN A FUCKING PRISON. Jews and money… IDKWTFH it is with them. It’s dental root canal with them!!!!!

To say the least I am FUCKING annoyed but I’m not giving up. He will phone tomorrow and give me the $500. If he doesn’t, shit will fly. πŸ™

Sammy the disgruntled but positive Lunar Sag.


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March 30, 2023

Oh Sammy, be careful, ok?

@heffay I know. πŸ™ ❀️❀️