Thar she blows….

Artwork from here.

I am not doing the dishes tonight bc a) I’ve done them too many times without Cathy… she keeps on bailing.. so Anna keeps doing them… and that isn’t fair and b) well, there is no b. Just one reason.

I think that I will find Midsomer Murders on Tubi and watch that tonight. I can’t get enough of it.

And thus, ending Saturday nicely. Or, I might watch Terrifier again. I also love that movie! I don’t usually like clowns, but Art the clown is great.

I’m weird like that. Art just strikes me as funny not scary, like Pennywise or other clowns…. I have a love/hate relationship with clowns…. 

I think I over ate. I had two burgers…. and some chips, and a Diet Pepsi plus other stuff. Ugh. I am on my period… so that kind of explains things…

I am getting a yellow Switch Lite off of eBay. In April, I am getting a SIM card for my phone bc I can’t deal with these free phone #s. They are getting on my case. Sooooooooo…. yeah.

Tomorrow I am taking it easy. My sister Julie has to get her ears checked bc she either has extreme wax buildup, or is going deaf. (I think she just has a sh-t ton of wax) 

Anyways, I hope your weekend is going well.. mine is. 

Much love,


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March 18, 2023

Oh see, I just asked if it was on Tubi and here you said it. Okay I added it to my list.

March 19, 2023

@heffay Yupp. <3