So beautiful ppl, sup?

Right now, I’m so caffeinated, I’m buzzing really… Two cups of French vanilla ☕ so… Ya. 

I am going to milk this free sub until I can scrounge up $5… which won’t be very long.. probably this week. Just as soon as I pay the internet philistine conglomerate known as Rogers.. And Tangerine if I know my bank well…. They’ll want a piece of me too no doubt. 😫🙄 

I was planning to go to the Santa Claus 🎅 parade… But Bees nixed that. Ah well.. Maybe next year?

Anyways, we are having chicken salad sammies and homemade soup for lunch. 

I am going to just relax this aft. Nothing else to do.. What do you do when y’all are bored af?? 




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2 weeks ago

I start a weird craft when I am bored… today I am painting sticks and small limbs gold to decorate my planter in my mail box lol


1 week ago

@kaliko what!? Ok.😆

1 week ago

Good to see you again!

1 week ago

@darkmadonna I can’t stay away from od.