Hello, I have subbed like I said I would. So, that is a photo I took last week, I believe?? Before the sky pooped a 💩 load of snow which has thus melted 🙄 I really don’t get Canadian winters … they make as much sense to me as Velveeta and shells do… and I’m smart as a whip. (I get the shells but not the plastic cheese 🧀 thing) 

I think that I will just chill out today, tomorrow Bees and Julz and I will order from Pizza Pizza. I am getting a Hawaiian panzerotti, fries, and two diet Cokes.


Tomorrow, Ronnie comes over for the weekend.

I am dead bored 😑 


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November 30, 2023

very cool picture! you can keep the snow! Normally we do not get much snow maybe two a year but every now and then we get a butt load too

November 30, 2023

@kaliko wait til January! Lmao