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How a Continuous Glucose Monitor Made Diabetes Easy to Control

IN 2021, Angel Romero didn’t want to hit age 50 with 30 extra pounds and diabetes running his life. That’s when he bought himself a continuous glucose monitor (CGM). A sensor on his arm checks his blood sugar and sends info to his phone.

Some continuous glucose monitors check your blood sugar all the time (Dexcom, January AI, Freestyle Libre 3); others read it when you hold your phone to the sensor (Levels offers both kinds). CGMs are generally prescription items and insurance often covers the cost (which may run as much as $400, plus sensors, which need frequent changing, and app fees).

For Romero, “it has allowed me to live and feel so much better,” he says. In a year, he took his A1C level from 8.7 (diabetic) to 5.7 (prediabetic). His tips:



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