I have a bad sunburn from putting together a trampoline last weekend and missing sunscreen on my back. Today it’s starting to peel.

Today I also finished my college courses for the semester. Freeing me up to do things I enjoy again. I mean I like college, but spring semester is always difficult when there is no break between fall/spring.

I started this journal because I miss the community I had back on sites like xanga and LiveJournal back in my youth. Something to keep me grounded. Strangers to look inside my life and tell me what they think, usually void of judgment.

I have goals this summer such as starting an exercise routine and taking better care of myself mentally and physically. I have been feeling better since my hormone therapy but I really want to BE better, you know? When I graduate from college in two more semesters I want to be the person I want to be. Depression no longer plagues me but I just know I could be so much more. An active, glowing and grateful person. This is what I want. All while not beating myself up about myself, my body or how my brain works. I am going to be terrific.

Ive already managed my addictions this year, quit binge drinking, switched from cigarettes to a vape.

Its only up from here. Cheers to a new skin. 🥂

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May 6, 2022

this is so funny… I was peeling my own sunburnt skin, at the very second when my eyes saw your title “peeling”.

May 8, 2022

@journalsecret its that time of the year lol. Peeling time

May 8, 2022

Good for you! I’m proud of anyone overcoming addiction. It’s no easy task.