Well I was in a really good mood, I wrote a whole entry and now it’s GONE? I can’t find it just GONE! So I guess I’ll try this entry….I was watching the CHP trying to run down a stolen party bus it got off the freeway and then bashed into some poor car…

    Well no one has left a note so I am back to add to this silly entry….I changed my pfp to the one I am using on all my other sites….When I got off here earlier today I got so tired I thought I would take a small nap….Nope sleeping from 3:30ish to 8pm was like 1/2 a night for me….I am drinking some hot coco cause sometimes something warm helps me sleep….Poppy is sleeping on my bed….I am over in my chair at my desk writing….

    It’s raining here maybe we will get some light snow tomorrow….I still have my window open b/c the winds are light but now my rooom smells like fresh rain and dirt lol….Gosh it;s 9:30pm I hope its not going to be a long night. I would take sone sleeping pills to help but it would be like popping rock candy….

    My sister Shannon texted me today wanting to know if she needed to help me pay my cell for next month….I told ya I do so she said she pay it tomorrow for me, I love that girl….I hate hate hate hate having people help me….I don’t mind when I am the helper but being the other way around right now sucks! Well my hot coco is gone so I guess I should go laydown see if I can sleep….I’ll pop on a podcast and close my little eyes so….Until next time I am Mermy~Mermy out lol

Today is Hermione birthday….I miss that little girl everyday of my life and she is always with me…I know she comes and gets on my bed at night and that is sweet and I just love her until forever…..Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!!

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February 25, 2022

OH no!  I don’t like when that happens to me.  I hate it when it happens to one of my friends.  I bet the first one you thought was better.  Shannon is not only your sister she is your guardian angel.  I love her without ever meeting her!!  It is already Friday and I am catching up on some reading.  I’ve been slacking!  Take care.  😎