Rolling on to #17

    It’s so overcast today it’s going to rain hope it’s a lite one, I don’t feel like closing my window…. I didn’t do anything this this weekend I was up and a wake all day and night on Saturday so Sunday I tried all day while I mum was in the mood to cook a full on thanksgiving day dinner….I ended up falling a sleep right when it was ready so I chose sleep over food which I’ll do anyday of the week!

    Today, Poppy woke me up at 4:58am just in time for the news and coffee….I watched until 8am and then fell back to sleep and woke about 10am so I got up dressed made some breakfast and then cam eback up to my room and did my hair which was a bloody carly mess! Now it’s stiright and back to normal….Then I decided to put my desk back together in my room cause using that tray was driving me mad….

    Now I am on here and then I need to repaint/touch up my nails….I am going to paint them over again black but this time with my gel nail stuff….and watch SPN cause nothing is going on this week over on my end….I do have to go shopping but not until like Wed or Thur so I got time let the weather get better first….Well until next time~Mermy

Painted my nails

My telly boyfriend ran a 1/2 Marathron in Austin,TX

My yummy breakfast


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February 21, 2022

Your day sounds like it was very nice and what you had for breakfast looks so good!