Rolling on to number 16

    I can’t even believe it’s already friday! This week went so bloody fast, I really didn’t do alot Watcching KTLA for the superbowl parade then I went to therapy it was good to talk to Mel and get all my feelings out….Then I went to the store to get stuff to make Coconut chicken fajitas which came out so yummy!

    Yesterday I watched my sister online graduate from Mcdonald University! Now she was run and in a few years buy her own store….Pretty cool….I can’t wait to go see her for 2 whole weeks! I never go anywhere anymore….Plus I’ve never been to FL soI’ll be able to see for myself  ahead of time if that’s some place I would like to move too….

    I have not been sleeping well so my uncle give me these big blue gel pills to take like night and man I was KNOCKED OUT! I slept until noon almost….Well Poppy woke me up once about 8ish for his dumb breakfast….When I woke again I cleaned up the linen closet and put my heavy quit away for the spring/summer….

    Well guess that’s it for now I took some snapchat pics I’ll share then I think I am going to eat some ice cream and then I think I’ll snug with Poppy and watch some telly….Peace for now~Mermy

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February 19, 2022

I vote for photo#3.  You sure got your money’s worth with that Super Bowl game.  It could easily have gone the other way.

February 21, 2022

@tracker I wish I would have bet on the game…..MONEY!!

I like # 3 and the b&w one….