Going Bye Bye!

    I am going to FL to see my Sissy! I leave on Sat for two (2) whole weeks….She called me on Wed and said she bought me a ticket to come see her and the babies…I can’t wait to get out of here and my everyday life….

    It will be so fun to see the kids and her….Last time I saw her not on video was 2009 in Vegas…I am taking a shuttle to Vegas on Saturday at 1640 and my plane leaves at 2330 it’s overnight which I rather travel less people fly over night in the states and I’ll get to Tampa at 0630….

    Anyhow we are also going to get tats together we both want to get our SPN tats together….I want mine on my left side leg….Plus she wants to to try deep fried gator! She said it’s go good so I’ll try it why not?  Anyways I got to still go to Walmart and get a travel kit for my shampoo and whatnot….I’ll write again  soon….Until then enjoy my pics



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March 11, 2022

Enjoy the Sunshine State, your sister and her beautiful children.  Your son will surely wonder where you went.  He is with the other people who love him and spoil him so nothing to worry about there.  I hope you can sleep on the plane.  It is all so exciting!!! Tats and alligators already sounds like a unique trip!  😎

March 11, 2022

Wow! How fun! Enjoy your time, and take lots of pictures!