Rolling on to number 14

    Well I lost a whole day some place I thought yesterday was Sun and today I thought it was Wed….I dunno what is going on with me now a days….I was feeling under the weather last week but I feel better now just super tired….

    Last Friday I had 3 doctor appts set up and none panned out. I had one at 6:30am I waited until 7am no one showed up then my other 2 called to make another appt b/c the doctors would not be there….Waste of time now I have to wait until next month….

    The weather here is very nice today like a 1st of spring type of deal…We been getting super high winds at night which Poppy hates! Plus it’s been colder too, had to whip out the a bigger blanket….Well no one wants to read this rubbish lol….So I am going to eat some popcorn, watch some SPN and then take a nap……Huggs~Mermy

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February 8, 2022

I like to read your “rubbish”.  Not liking you lost a day but we all do from time to time.  And news about poppy is always welcome.  😎

February 8, 2022

Jared is a hottie! Loved him since Gilmore Girls. He sure did grow up well lol. Nice to meet you, Mermy. I’m a friend of tracker’s, and she suggested we meet. 🙂

Pleased to meet you! I’m Robin.