Rolling on to number 15

       What a day it’s been….I woke up at 4am and at 5am texted my mu  to come watch the news with me and have coffee….at 7am she left and I went back to sleep for a while….at 11am I woke up and made my beddie and did my hair, it was a bloody hot mess! Then I thought I go on downstairs and fry some chicken for dinner tonight….

    I got everything out and opened up my flour and it was a hot mess….It was the 2nd bag I have bought both bags had little bugs in them! Yuck, No doubt from being out to sea to long or something….I bagged it up and put it out in the rubbish bin and then got dressed to go get some new flour(Good thing I did my hair)….I opened the bag at the store and it was clean of little dudes and so I got it 4 tubs of ice cream, it was on sale….I also got some cereal and a few other things…..

    I got back and fried the chicken made some ice coffee and then ate a pieceof chicken and a few licks of ice cream and now I am writing on here waiting for my sister to call me….Shannon she wants to fly me to FL and I told her I could do 5 or 6 days why not….I have not seen her in person since 2009 so it’s been a while….Who am I to turn down a free flight? My fam said it was fine and they would watch and take care of Poppy for me….

    I am getting tired maybe I need a nap…..I am going to post of random pictures and go snuggle for a bit….Love to all~Mermy




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February 11, 2022

A trip?  Yippee!!! Sound fabulous!  Oh and you had a rolling to number 14 for your previous entry too.  lol  Have a nice weekend my friend.  😎

February 13, 2022

About an hour until kick off!  Now I see the Bengals have never won a championship.  Pondering who to root for here.  😎