Not much happening lately in OD land. I don’t see many updates and most people have not updated in months.  I guess we all lead busy lives this time of year.

Not much happening for me. I have been off work for two months and have been organizing my house a bit.  Would like to sell it but with the home values so low it’s almost worth keeping it a few more years. 

I have been reading alot over the summer and enjoying the time off.  Am hoping to get call back soon maybe August instead of Sept or Oct.  We will see.  At least I can get unemployment while off, but still need some structure in my day.   Would love to just go back part time but don’t think that would work out for them.

The dog is still trucking along.  Can’t believe she made it this long.  Our older son got to see her maybe for the last time a couple of weeks ago, so we were thrilled about that.  She still loves to chase squirrels and chipmonks around and eats well, but has a good limp in her walk.  I never thought she would have made it this long.  January they told me two weeks to two months. She is a real trooper that is for sure. 

Our older son made it thru his first year of Pharmacy school and did well.  Thankful for that.  Our younger son graduated from the Police Academy and has yet to find a job.  It’s so competitive around here.  200 people show up for 3 job openings.  He thinks it’s easy but is a bit niaeve about it  I think.

Ok not much else happening, back to cleaning out closets and getting rid of stuff!


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November 15, 2012

RYN: HE is wonderful. I’ve been seeing him for three years now, but as you can tell, I haven’t written much about him here. I’ve just been so afraid to believe that something so good is really mine and that it really might last awhile. After what happened with Eric, I’m just afraid to believe in much of anything, anymore.