Wow it has been since last year that I updated.  Can’t believe it!  I finished my temp job about a month ago.  So I am waiting to be called back this fall.  So looks like I will have most of the summer off.  Been just hanging out and catching up on things.

I ended up quitting my part time job for the temp job because it was too much.  Christmas time would have killed me and non the less they wanted me to work more hours.  I am sure my boss was not happy because I quit a week before Thanksgiving the busy time of the year.  I was just worn out. Plus my temp job was supposed to be done in November then they asked me to stay on until April.  So I just decided I could save money and then look for something with more hours when this job was done.  But now they want us to come back again this fall for a couple of months so we will see how it goes.

In January our little Shiz Tzu Chloe was diagnoised with bone cancer.  They gave her 2 weeks to 2 months.  Well she is still hanging in there. She still eats but has a good size tumor on her leg and starting another on her other leg.  They could have amputated the bad leg but we found out it  started in her other leg too so that would just put stress on her good leg.  So I opted to just let her live out her life and see how it goes.  Our older son comes home next month so I am hoping she will make it that long to see him. 

Not much else happening I am enjoying the time off of work.  It got to be alot working full time and trying to get stuff done around here.  Getting up at 5 a.m. is not my cup of tea either.  But I will do it until I see what else is going on.  My husband who worked at the same place as my temp job doesn’t work there anymore.  The engineering and arcitechture group got bought out by Intel.  So we will see how it goes.  His office may move closer to home so that would be nice.  But so far he has had nothing to do the last month and said it is so boring.  He said they may not have anything to do until this fall!!  The good side is he is home early from work each day. 

Other than that life is pretty good.  Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful summer weather. 


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