World wind

Happy Birthday to my little nephew who turns 3 today!  Oh and my brother has a birthday today too. 

Hope all is well in OD land.  I have been extremely busy working 50+ hours a week and some weeks even 60 hours between my two jobs.  Of course since I took the full time job they have offered overtime and traveling.  None of which I expected.  It was hard to travel because of my part time job.  I was asked to go to Germany for three weeks which would have been fun, but it was too hard to do with my part time job and now we are getting busy with the season.  I have given my notice to quit but then my District Manager quit and it seems like it takes forever to get someone up here to hire someone. So now I work at my leasure if it fits in my schedule until someone is hired.  It’s nicer that way and I can choose when I can go in and just help out. 

Doesn’t sound like they will have anyone hired in the near future. So I may be around for a while. 

My job with my husband’s company was done the end of October.  But they asked me to stay until next March since they got a new contract and they needed half the people to stay and I was one of them.  How nice of them.  Hence the reason I gave my notice at my other part time job.  We have been off this week because of lack of products to build super computers.  Once we go back it will be full steam ahead and getting ready for the big contract we have.  Looking forward to it and I will be working alot of OT.  Especially because it will be in Jan-March.  The long, cold, boring days of the year.  The money is really nice also. 

My son started Pharmacy school and is treking along well.  I am a bit nervouse since there is no room for failure here and I pray that he can keep up with the hard work and make it thru the next four years.  We had his white coat cermemony which they were presented with their white coats.  I must say what an honor and they were only choosen because they were top students and the people picking knew they could make it thru. 

My younger son is in the police acedamy and is just finishing up.  Graduation is set for tomorrow.  He will then become a police officer.  That is scarey but it is what he has dreamed of and what he wants to do badly!  Another part of me to worry all the time now. It won’t be so bad if he gets a job in the city we live in.  It’s very safe here and back up is a minute or two away.  They really have each other’s back but it’s hard to get into this city.  We will see. Since we live in Wisconsin and state employees have had alot taken away from them due to our governor.  Alot of people are retiring early so there may be room for him.

Well that’s about it in my life.  I don’t write alot partly because I have not had time.  But just nothing really to write about.  I do however read all my favorites still and at times leave notes.  So I have not forgotten about anyone.  Hope all is well with everyone. 

Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season to all.


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November 17, 2011

I’m sure your son will find a position in the police department. Is that your doggie in your profile picture? Adorable 🙂 btw, i saw your diary on the front page..

November 17, 2011

Good to hear from you:)

March 26, 2012

ryn: there are a handful of restaurants where the meals are included. There are also 7 or so specialty restaurants that charge between 5 and 25 per person.