Dog days of summer

We are entering the dog days of summer.  Enjoying summer for the most part.  The kids have been coming and going and I am bored.  Got a full time temp. job that will run thru November.  Will keep my part time job which is about 10 hours per week.  Should get busier about the time the temp job is done.  Looking forward to the temp job. It’s where my husband works and so I will see him there for a bit.  I ended up picking the 2nd shift to work so that I could do my other job in the morning.  So won’t be around much, but that’s life for four months.  Will see how it goes.  They are not hiring people so there is no chance I will get in.  But my older son worked it last year and ended up only working 6 weeks and then they let him go and put everyone else on part time because venders were not sending parts in.  Will see what happens this year.  Who knows maybe I will only be there for a bit before it slows down.  Told them I don’t care if they send me home early if there is nothing to do.  I can’t stand around and do nothing for 8 hours.

Not much else happening in my life.  With the kids all grown up and on there own I am bored so this will be a good chance to make some good vacation money.  The pay is really good I can make more in four months then what I make in a year in my other job.  With older son starting Pharmacy school this fall it will be exspensive but we are looking forward to hearing about his experience in school.

Well on to read the paper and catch up on current events, have a wonderful, warm summer!


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July 12, 2011

hopefully, there will be enough work to keep you busy at your temp job. take care,

July 12, 2011

Glad you are excited about the new job. We have been having extreme heat around here.