Keeping up with the cold…

It’s been cold here and snowy but it’s been small amounts of snow.  Not the 22" we got back the beginning of December.  It did warm up over the New Year and we did loose some of the snow.  But it will be here for the most part until spring.  Let’s hope it comes early this year. 

Our neighbors leave tonight for Mexico, a trip we were suppose to take.  But hubby is busy at work and they really didn’t want to let him go.  We were not gung ho on going since it’s early yet in the tropical season.  I would much rather go so my tan last thru most of summer.  So when he gets the go ahead we will find some place to go. My boss has said she wants to go to Thailand in Feb.  But she keeps pushing it back.  I think if Hubby and I go somewhere it won’t be for a week.  Maybe just 5 days.  Seems to be long enough for laying around doing nothing.  I start to get stir crazy.  We will see.  My nephew and his wife moved to England so I we may be going there in July 2012.  Have to see how things go and he is in the military so you just never know where you will end up.

Things are getting back to normal.  Older son has gone back to Fargo for work and classes start up next week.  Younger son has another week before his classes start up for his last semester of school.  Unless he decides to go to the police academy right away then he has another semester.  If you have a job lined up the employer pays for the academy.  But if you don’t you pay and if you don’t get a job within the year you have to retake the academy. So not sure what he will do. 

Ok off to read the paper and get on the old treadmill.  It has still stayed my friend thru the holidays so I think I will keep on it until the weather gets nicer outside and the roads are not so ice covered.

Happy New Year OD friends!



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