Mother’s Day Brunch & Post-Surgery Updates

I’m on my third day post-surgery from a breast reduction.  I still have tomorrow off of work but I’m kind of wishing I took more time.  It’s not that I can’t do my job because of the surgery, it’s just that I needed a vacation from work in general and a couple days off where I’m having surgery and healing isn’t a significant break.  That’s ok though; I’ll just have to look at my schedule to see if I can plan something in the near future.

Every day I’m taking a variety of prescriptions, wear a surgical bra, compression socks, sleep a lot on my back, and drink a lot of water.  I’m still exercising as recommended.  They suggested going on walks but I’ve been using my elliptical but not the arm parts, just legs. Unfortunately I weighed myself before the surgery and after and somehow I weigh more after! That’s a lame surprise 😂

Today is Mother’s Day.  My mom is so difficult to shop for because she mainly has everything she wants and she’s super particular about things.  Last year I got the siblings to go in on a nice tea set for her and she hasn’t even put it out or used it once.  This year I’m just getting her flowers that I bought from Jewel and we’re all going to my brother’s house for brunch.

A few weeks ago my sister had texted me because she needed help with giving the girls money to buy a Mother’s Day gift.  Before her divorce, her ex would take the girls to Target or the Dollar Store with $20 to buy her something, but this year she obviously isn’t going to do that.  She told me she’d venmo me the money, but my job was to suggest a specific lip balm that she’s been wanting to the girls to see if they want to give it to their mom for Mother’s Day.  I ordered two different ones from this place so she’ll still be a little surprised, and I’ve convinced the girls that I was getting these based off of recommendations for my work friends and was buying a few and wanted to know if they wanted me to place an order for them to give to mom while I’m at it.  They were excited about the idea and I told them they don’t need to pay me, they just need to come over and hang with me and the cats at some point.  I’m also not accepting venmo from my sister for them, heck no! She shouldn’t have to buy her own Mother’s Day present just because her ex is useless.

My brother had reached out to suggest that we go to church with mom and Mother’s Day.  I politely said no thanks. I’m not completely against walking into a church for occasions like weddings, funerals, someone’s baptism or confirmation.  But to go as a gift to my mom who has always prioritized her Catholicism over everything feels off to me.  It feels a bit like pretending to believe for my mom’s sake and that doesn’t feel like much of a Mother’s Day present since I don’t believe and I have a lot of moral issues with the Catholic Church.  I completely respect how much it means to her, but that’s not something I’m going to pretend to be into.

The boy cats are doing very well post-neutering. Their appointment took almost two months to arrive so I’ve been keeping them separated by alternating who gets to be on the patio vs inside and every night and morning involved walking around spraying and cleaning up anything that they marked.  They had been fighting pretty aggressively as well.  All of that seems to have stopped finally and they’ve actually been playing together a lot. Thank goodness.


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