Theme of the week

Is there somebody in your life that puts you totally at ease, a person who you are always comfortable with? Why does that person make you feel that way? 

Yes, I do and feel incredibly privileged to say that I have a group of ladies that I can be who I am with. They take me, good, bad and ugly. We met in CBT nearly 8 years ago, we were all going through PPD. It was strange how drawn we all were to each other and how quickly. It really was incredible how it happened. It was so real and so organic. The bond was there because we all were going through something similar and well to be honest everyone had already seen the bad and ugly and we still liked each other so naturally we would fall in love with one another during the good. 

The unfortunate part is that we very seldom get to see each other anymore. It takes months of planning to see each other and even then someone always cancels at the last moment. That’s life I guess right 🙂 

But there is solace in knowing they are there. 

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