Home Sweet………

Who wants more pictures???

I will have to post those later.  I feel like I’ve posted so many already…..I have some reception pictures to post.  I’m not sure if Im going to post more after that.  I would love to share EVERY picture that I get, but I just dont know that I should.  There are so many.

Anyways……..my house came on Friday, we started moving some things into it yesterday.  Its still not supposed to be ready for us for about a week but we didnt care.  We worked on the kitchen, bar/gameroom, bathrooms.  I set up the guest bath and started working on our bathroom.  I dont care what they say at this point, if they are pissed that we put that stuff in there then too damn bad.  We’ve had to wait for them for how long.

Still dont have electricity.  They were supposed to have that done last week, havent even started yet.  Thats a whole big mess in itself.  Hopefully they will be out tomorrow. 

The guy doing to well work called Stephen last Weds and said he would be out Thurs/Friday to put in the well, never showed up.  I got an email Friday stating all the dates of when contractors were supposed to come out.  It stated that the well guy would possibly be out on Saturday and again he never showed.  I sent an email this morning asking about it and was told he would be out Tuesday.  BTW, its stupposed to start raining again soon, which means he wasted the 3 days he needed to do his job.  So, Stephen called and complained that the well guy was a liar, he does not want him on our property doing the work and that they need to get a new well guy.  He called more than once, I support him 100%, we are soooooo tired of empty promises and we arent going to let it keep happening.  Stephen talked to our loan officer last week, they have until the 20th to complete the construction or everything comes out of their pockets.  They are the ones who have delayed things to the point where they are rushing to beat a deadline.  If they cant get it worked out then they are screwed, even if it rains from now until then, if they dont complete the work, its all on them.

So, we shall see, I was just on the phone with him and the well guy started beeping in.

Stephen and I got into a HUGE fight Friday night.  We both got up and left……..for about an hour.  It was over the pictures from Nicole and the fact that I didnt say thank you enough to her and Anthony at the wedding.  I know for a fact I said thank you, I had planned to do a little something for Nicole for helping so much, get her a little gift or something.  I guess that just wasnt good enough.  So he was pissed at me, that I should call and say thank you and apologize about the pictures.  I didnt feel like I needed to do either.  She wasnt calling me to apologize for causing the whole big picture mess so why should I apologize for it.  I felt like Stephen wasnt on my side, not just about this, but other things too.  Long story short, we made up, Im not calling and people can just get over it.

Rachel is the biggest fking bitch though……I got into it with her again. She is so fking selfish its unreal.  Plus she always thinks everything is about her, she was turning everything around and making it sound like I had said something that I didnt. She really pisses me off.

Update, apparently the well guy came out 3 times last week, the house people knew that but instead of telling us that they caused even more problems.  The well guy asked Stephen just to contact him directly from now on, so now Stephen feels better about the guy.

So anyways, that was my weekend in a nutshell.

Let me know…….more pictures or not………after the last reception ones from Nicole and Jaclyn are posted.  Do you want me to scan the others in………do you want me to share the professional ones.  Or would you rather just see a few here and there???


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August 6, 2007

both. I love pics. I work in a photolab. I am in heaven until the nude pictures of course. That however is a different story. lol. One picture showed a wedding cake with a fountain underneath it. That was amazing. I am glad that you have your house and sorry about the company. Hopefully they have to pay everything. 🙂