*****Life on the Island…..*****

We left Friday and came back home Sunday.  Saturday wasnt a good day for us at all.  Very emotional, trying to sort things out, deciding what to do.  Ultimatly we decided we wanted things to work and something isnt the same as it used to be.  Something isnt quite right.  Hopefully we can figure it out and get things back to how they used to be.  I think its just stress.  Stress of moving, trying to figure out a wedding, money, lots of different things. 

Sunday we checked out of our room, went shopping and then went to the beach.  I didnt mind not doing anything all weekend.  Usually I’m very antsy, especially if Im visiting some place, I wanna get out and about and do things and see things, Stephens not like that.  Hes perfectly content sitting around doing nothing.  But, this was his weekend so it was about him and what he wanted to do, not about me and what I wanted to do. I felt really bad for Saturday going as shitty as it did, I took him there to relax and thats the exact opposite of what happened.  Im also a perfectionist, so for things not to go right after 2 weeks of planning really made me feel worse.  Anyways, the one thing I REALLY wanted to do was enjoy the beach.  So we did.  Stephen flew a kite, I played in the water.  He joined me in the water and left the kite tied up to the back of the truck flying.

I rescued 2 beached Man o Wars and one beached Jellyfish.  The jellyfish was still alive but the man o wars I think were dead.  I would have felt too guilty if I just walked by and left them laying there.  Silly me…….I tried to do a nice thing and the big man o war I saved stung me.  Needless to say he got washed back up, I didnt feel guilty leaving him this time, infact I yelled at him for stinging me after I tried to do him a favor.  At one point I was walking towards Stephen when I spotted a jellyfish in the water between us, I told him to becareful.  Perhaps that was the same one I rescued a short while later.  Just a little FYI, the jellyfish had a pretty pink-ish/purple-ish shade to them and the Man o’ wars were pretty teal/blue/grean colored.  Very nice.  Geeze I wanna go scuba diving.  Snorkling, something.  I REALLY wanna to to the GBR.  That would be AWESOME.  Although, apparently their stingrays can be deadly.

I also fed the gulls.  I walked down to the waters edge where they were to lure them back to the truck with the bread, this way I could sit down while I fed them.  BIG mistake.  Before I knew it I was running back to the truck and the only thing I could think of was Hitchcocks Birds.  It was crazy.  I made it to the safety of the truck finally.  Jokingly I told Stephen it would be funny if one shit on his head.  Guess what…..one did shit…….right on my damn sholder.  So, I walked down to the water, washed it off and yelled at the gulls for again screwing me when I tried to do a nice thing……or rather, shitting on me for doing a nice thing. 

Stephens kite got away twice, I chased it until I got to the sand dune and didnt make it up it.  Ended up hurting my wrist and my ankle.  Luckily both time the kite got caught on something and Stephen was able to get it.

I buried Stephen in the sand.  As I was finishing up I noticed 2 ladies and a dog walking towards us on the beach, I laughed and told Stephen it would be funny if the dog came over and pissed on him.  We laughed……until the dog walked up.  Luckily he just licked Stephens forehead, but it was still funny.

Later on, collecting sea shells, I was closer towards the water and Stephen was up higher on the beach, I looked up and noticed him with some lady and her dog, I carried on with the shell collecting but eventually wanted to go up there and pet the dog like Stephen was doing.  When I got there I realized she was quite a yacker.  I also noticed her shirt said something about NY on it and right off I noticed her accent.  I thought to myself that when we finally got away from her I’d ask her where she was from.  I assumed thats why they hadnt parted ways yet, I know Stephen was there to pet the dog but I thought they got to talking about NY.  I was wrong, because shortly after I got there, after she went on and on about training her dog and her neighbors blah blah blah she noticed Stephen wearing an FDNY shirt (Side note:Thats all the boy ever wears) so she asked if he was a part of it, he said no and thats when it came out that she too had moved here from NYC about a year and a half ago.  I thought that was pretty neat.  Eventually we loaded up in the truck and headed home.  Overall, despite Saturdays events, I enjoyed myself greatly. 

Ok, now for the vids of Stephen and his kite, the birds and the Sand Man.  It really was gorgeous out there.  I will have to get the pics of the view from our room.

First, I started making this.  Its supposed to be a scarf.  I thought Id make a scarf for my bros GF and an afgan for Stephens mom.  I have since decided Id like more time to learn to do it better.  Mind you I just started on Tuesday of last week.  I already made a coaster.  I did this on the drive to Padre.  Its orange tinted because of the shade of color of the couch in our hotel room.  I dont think I did such a terrible job with JUST starting to teach myself in less than a week.

A sneak preview:

BIRDS!!!!  Stephen throwing them some bread….btw, the camera has a focusing issue, thats why it looks like its zooming in and out.  I’ll have to figure out how to fix that problem.


The 2 of him with the kite……





And finally, the SANDMAN!!!  He is yelling at me to take

the picture because he’s got sand in his eye and it felt like something bit him.  He wanted to get up.



PS. I know Ive been a crappy ODer the past several months.  I guess I dont have as much motivation to write any more.  Nothing exciting going on in my life.  Im still here though, I still read your notes, I still read you guys, I just dont take the time to note back.  Sorry.  Thanks to those of you who have stuck around

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Sounds like you had a good time (after the bad day Saturday). I’m sure that you two will work through everything…it probably is just stress. *HUGS* I’ll have to watch the vids at home…the work comp sort of sucks 😛

November 30, 2006

I love the pics and move clips! Sounds like you had a nice time. Maybe Saturday was kinda crummy but it sounds like you two talked a lot. Communication is a good thing, right?