Thats a little more than I cared to know

Yesterday I felt like shit…….stayed til 4:30, and tried to rush home to my hubby.  Seemed like everyone and their momma was against me getting home in a hurry.  5 minutes from the house I got the shit scared out of me, something hit my windshield.  They are doing construction and apparently left huge chunks of asphalt just laying around, thats what I think hit me.  Royally screwed up my windshield, called the insurance, they are no help……ended up at the PD getting a form to fill out for the state.  The VFD chief is working for the company that is doing the construction so Stephen called him………he is also supposed to be getting in touch with a glass company for me.  Id prefer the construction company pay for it but its likely they wont, I cant afford it.  I have pictures from yesterday… day I will share.  I got in my truck this morning and the damn thing has spread.  Im really surprised it didnt do more damage or go through the windshield.

TMI Warning…..I was sitting down watching TV last night waiting on the Sherrifs Dept to call me back, all of a sudden I felt very wet, like I had peed myself, I looked and wasnt sure what was going on so I got up to go to the bathroom.  Amongst all the moisture was a bit of brown colored something or other…….like the ending bits of a period……there was some heavy mucus crap with a bit more brown when I wiped… Im inspecting everything wondering what the hell it is wouldnt you know the phone rang, so I ran out to answer it with my panties around my ankles.  I talked to the officer, then went and finished inspecting so I could go ask Stephen to take me to the station to get what we needed.  I instructed him to also do some inspecting when he came in…..he confirmed that yes it was a brown blood like substance.   After we left the station we ran around to 4 different places looking for a pregnancy test because I just wasnt quite sure what the hell it was.  Perhaps Im just ovulating……..its been about 2 weeks since my period, but it was strange, that had never happened to me before.  Needless to say no one had any, thats what you get for being in a small town, I wasnt feeling good so I didnt feel like going up to the next town to Wal Mart or CVS.  I said if I had any other strange things happen I would pick one up because quite honestly I dont think thats what it is.  We got home, ate dinner and got ready to shower……..went to the restroom and there was a light pink when I wiped…….showed it to Stephen……so I dunno.  ::shrugs::

Stephen is feeling icky today now too.  Poor guy.  I feel bad for getting him sick.  He told me last night that if I was still sick this weekend he wasnt taking me to my cousins wedding.  He’s using it as a cop out, but now it looks like he may be the one who will be sick.  Id really like to go to my cousins wedding…….this is a big deal, we didnt think he would ever get married……hes in his 30’s and this is only like the 2nd or 3rd girlfriend we have ever met.

I guess thats about all for now.  Have a luncheon today, otherwise I would have stayed home.  Good news is I havent (TMI) shit since yesterday…….3 days dunno what it was……thought it could have been something I ate but for 3 days??  This is a TMI filled entry.



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September 12, 2007

implantation of the egg can cause that!! CHECK FOR SIGNS ON FERTILITYFRIEND.COM

September 13, 2007

That’s happened to me before but I do think it’s because I had a cut near the area. Except mine never was that light pink color…just mucusy…I dunno. You should take a test if it continues to show up.