Trying to settle my brain…

I’ve been bored and restless tonight. Things I could be doing but I can settle to none. The wind is irritating after three days of it’s relentless ebb and flow. No real damage for me except the loss of a plastic greenhouse flying somewhere off into OZ but I feel happier when the curtains are closed. The tall trees both front and back sway worryingly far too much.

It’s Builders Friday too as we call the last Friday before Christmas here in Yorkshire. A busy and raucous night after finishing work for the Christmas holidays. It often starts early afternoon and ends with drunken falls and laddish fights. It always had the potential to be a good night out but was invariably a let down.

I just feel a little alone.

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December 22, 2023

Your writing sounds like a book

December 23, 2023

@scribetoday is that a good or bad thing?😌

December 23, 2023

@mrsmerlot I’d say it’s a good thing. I’m sorry you’re feeling lonely but you write beautifully

December 23, 2023

@scribetoday Thank you 🙏