Someday, one day

Someday, one day, someday, one day, you will look back, you will look back in your past, you will look back into time that used to be, and you will remember, you will definitely remember, you will remember what you used to be, and you will remember, you will remember who you used to be. You will remember all of your hardships and all of your failures, you will remember all of your challenges and all of your obstacles, you will remember how determined you used to be, you will remember how dedicated you used to be, you will remember how devoted you used to be, you will remember how committed you used to be,  you will remember all of your effort you had to put in, and all the sacrifice you had to make, in order to become as successful of a man as you are today. You will remember this man who had massive hopes, who had massive goals, and who had MASSIVE dreams, who wanted to succeed in life, you will remember this man who had beautiful heart, beautiful mind, and beautiful soul and lived his life by only two rules: kindness and gratitude. But the most important things of it all you will definitely remember is this man who wanted to serve and to contribute to this world, this man who wanted to make a difference in the world, and wanted to become a difference in the world he wanted to see. Someday, one day, you will see yourself, everything and anything you used to be, all the love you had and all the love you shared among those deserving and worthy of it. And then, what you will do, is stand up from that office chair and you will fix your tie and take a look at yourself in the mirror and you will see the man you are right now, you will see everything you’ve achieved and everything you’ve accomplished, you will see all the dreams you’ve made come true, all the goals you’ve reached, and all the massive hopes you’ve turned into reality. You will see a man who serves and contributes to this world, is making a difference in it, and is becoming the change he wishes to see. You will see a successful man, you will see a successful man who figured out the truth, who figured out the only truth that leads to success, and that is to find something you love, stay committed to it, and to dedicate your whole life to it. As far as I am  concerned, dear soul, you’ve succeeded. 



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August 24, 2021

Yes, very true. 🙂 Just like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

August 24, 2021

@kartoffeltorte Yes, just like that. 😉

August 24, 2021

@mygoalsmydreamsmyfuture Believe in your abilities and leave the haters in your dust.