Its Friday!

Its fridayyy. In my world it doesnt make much difference what day of the week it is. Since being on maternity leave,  I wake up at the butt crack of dawn with the baby Monday – Sunday. And for the passed few weeks my hubby has been working massive overtime including working 4-8 hours on saturday. The onlu day of the week that may seem like a weekend is sunday. Where we just sit and watch football all day. If i can get adam to just sit and relax.  God bless that mans heart since we bought this lovely home with property we feels like he needs to outside grooming the place up. He is starting to get worn out… Definitely burning both end of a candle stick. He just replys hes doing it for us… And he wonders why i dont wake him up in the middle of the night to help with the baby.

Time to get graysen off to the bus! By for now!

-Overjoyed & Overwhelmed


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November 8, 2019

New Reader here….Sounds like you are a real sweet heart and your husband is a definite keeper….