1st Step!

Met with dietician today!

I met her with many years ago when I was just 105kg, today the fancy scale See the source imagetold us I was 116.4kg. So in a space of give or take 5 years I have put on just about 11kg.  It also told me some other unflattering stuff…

My height is 153cm which seemed to be the only thing that went down since I saw her 5 years ago. When I saw in 2017 I was at the height of 154cm. I joked about how on this fancy scale I had to take off my socks too…so maybe my socks gave me 1cm in height 5 years ago.

Anyway so our first plan of action is….

For 2 weeks I will be drinking this See the source image for every meal….I will get to add  5mg ofSee the source image and for lunch and supper I can add  See the source image…oh and I need to drink 2l of Image result for water a day.

When I got back to work…I caught up on some stuff that happened while I was gone and then went online to purchase my new meal ingredients. Not cheap items…for 3 boxes of shake and 2 Whey cans I spent a lil over 3 grand…but hey I am going to loose weight!

When the dietician asked me what were my main reasons for wanting to have the Bariatric Operation….I told her because I am tired of being fat, I want to have a baby and I want to stop feeling so tired and drained and I want to want to look good.

She told me that a baby is not an option for now or anytime before the op or for a while after the op. I have always known that…but in the back of my head I was thinking about how I want to adopt a baby some time soon. I mentioned about how I have PCOS and my dietician told me that as soon as I start loosing weight that my menstrual cycle will most likely start working and falling pregnant won’t be such an issue. Again…something I know…but I need to tell my husband that any baby making will be put on hold now and he will have to strap on some protection for awhile…

I am seeing my dietician in a lil over 2 weeks…goal for then would be to be down by quite a bit…I am not gonna kid myself and say that I will be in the 80’s or below but in order for me to get a date for this op I am going to have to be 98kg or below. So goal for now is to loose 18kg. Not certain if this can happen in 2 weeks but I am going to be putting my weight loss cap on and getting up on my feet and preparing for it all….

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