8. Socialize More

Last weekend I binged on engraved nameplate, on Netflix, and while watching it, I thought back on how lucky I am to have dependable friends. I could never think that any of my friends would screw me over so bad, that I would be left in such bad debt like Anna did to the people that thought were her friends and people she actually looked up to. I mean yes I know Anna was on a mission to use those people for their money and status, but still…

Anyway so after watching it, I sent a WhatsApp to my friends and suggested that we meet for lunch today. And we did. Besides it being a resolution of mine to Funny Witches Demo, it was great hanging out with them and just getting to do what I want to do and not have to worry about my husband or worry about the flat or work or anything. The 4 of us got to gossip and just have fun.

That was the whole point of me being with my friends. While being outside, in the boiling heat, I saw so many people out there, enjoying their day with their family and friends and it felt good…Jar of Hearts

Got home and immediately got drawn in this absis that I have at home with my husband. Sunk into the couch…began eating junk food…and watched television and played PS. I mean I cannot say that I am not partially to blame for that routine, but it seems like that is our life…I do enjoy it and do encourage it, in the sense that I don’t instigate other plans, but it sucks how that is my home life.

My one friend has a long distance relationship with this guy, and she talked about how every few weeks one of them flies over to the other and how they go out…Shining Bright

My other friend went on about how she is running around with her Twin Sons and on school runs, and everything with them. She showed us pictures of things she does with her boys to keep them Cupang

My last single friend does a karen Regular thing every few weeks…her and another friend go to watch a movie at the Open Air Cinema…

My friends are doing something with their lives, and me? I am just living a routine of Work, Home, TV….

…but I do feel that slowly that is changing.

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