And it Just Keeps Getting Better!!!!

Last room to tackle….so I lift the bed so I can flip the mattress and change the linen….

I figured I would put that where I put the other bottle of Vodka, but when  opened his work backpack, I saw that he had already removed the other Vodka, so I figured I would just give it to him.

I told him that if he insists on hiding his Vodka he should find a better place. He then has the audacity to tell me that he wasn’t hiding it. He just put it there… like WTF? So I told him to find a better place to put it as supposed to under the spare bedroom mattress. Fuck, he must really think I am a fool to think that I would believe him.

He went on to bring up about all the junk food (chocolate, cake, fizzyy drinks) that I buy….so I turned around and told him… Mf Young & Beautiful

He then threw it in my face that I have to waste money on seeing Therapists and Dieticians.

Lovely Coffee

He then went on about how he has been working all weekend for me! He tells me how his Bosses are happy with him, whenever he has told me that, I have congratulated him, and then tells me how he is going to finish his studies and then leave for the UK, and leave me. I turned around, with the washing in my hands, and told him why wait?

I am busy creating this post and he strolls into the bedroom and asks me to shave his beard. I ask him why would I want to do that?

La Tequila – he says. I brushed him off and in my head I laughed about how if wants to see tomorrow then he should keep me away from any blade and his neck.

See the source image and so I have decided that I am going to sort out my bills and accounts. I am then going to either speak to my psychiatrist about this when I see her in a few weeks, although my sister may be with me, or I am going to make an appointment with the Marriage Counsellor and ask one of them to help me end things with him.

For too long I have kept it going because I was…

….The Main Event


FIRST BLOOD (I mean who wants a 35 year old, fat, College Drop out)

but I don’t deserve this, even if it means being alone for the rest of my life.

I am done with…

Never Surrender

UndergroundEvent and


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