surrogacy… the way to go …..? ? ?

 Ok, so its been a rough year for me …… when the hell did december get here??

         i had been doing really well with my weight so far, apart from the odd few days where i felt a bit crappy and would buy and EAT something that i wasnt supposed too…..I would like to ask you all a question…     after considerable thought for most of the years gone by and having done lots of research on the matter i have decided that i would like to be a surrogate for somebody. a couple or a single person who cant have a child of their own.

I have a child of my own who is almost 10.  giving another human being the gift of a child has moved me for years and i have found a clinic where i can donate my eggs. its either that or do it the normal way….. lolol xx   i know that this will be my new years resolution now. 

I want to find and talk to more people that have done this. it is something that ive always wanted to do and also, know that i would be able to do this…  …


happy christmas and a happy new year……


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