The Gifting Has Begun

I’m not even sure if I’ve slept. It’s more like, temporary spurts of unconsciousness while laying. Certainly not something I could consider actual rest. It feels nice out. But I’m not really in the mood to be outside right now. Had an amazing frappe. Too rich I think. Maybe I’ll go out later on tonight. But for now, I don’t think I’m ready for any sun.

Well, let’s see… The girl at the cafe definitely did a great job, so of course she got a tip. Padaro Pipeline. Something special about that one. Reminds me of Jelly Ranchers but even tastier. She said tomorrow is her birthday so I’m pretty sure she’ll enjoy.

A buddy stopped by with a mutual acquaintance. Both I gave some Ice Cream Cake. Greenhouse flower. Nothing top shelf or anything, but still a pleasurable smoke.

Spoke with a family member for a little bit. Dream Pie. It’s a cross of Blue Dream and Cherry Pie. He seemed to be excited about it after a very brief inspection of the flowers.

Delivery man, Bubblegum Kush. Surprisingly wasn’t very popular when it was plenty around. Yet everyone seems to love it whenever it’s not available.

Sherbet Mintz for the bartender and waiter. I don’t even like the drinks or the food there any more. I think I’m just used to the atmosphere and the chit chat. The Sherb Mintz has a flavor profile I can’t quite describe. I’m on the fence about the taste, but it definitely has a nice buzz.

And finally, Gelato 41 for the concierge. I personally prefer 33 or 45 but no one’s complaining.

Everything else going on has left me feeling kind of shitty. The best idea I came up with was to try and be nice to everyone and share herb. Maybe it was appreciated, maybe not. It really doesn’t matter. I don’t need any recognition.

Otherwise, I’ve been semi productive. Time keeps moving faster. The days are getting shorter. People seem stranger. There’s an odd vibe everywhere I go. Everyone looks tired. Hopefully we’ll all get it together.

Have a good one. Stay safe.

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June 10, 2022

Are you a connoisseur of the bud? I recognize most of those lol, but I haven’t smoked any in a long, long while. I can’t anymore. It burns my lungs. COPD is a bitch, let me tell you. I’ve got some edibles in my pantry though, so whenever I feel the urge… they just make my blood sugar go sky high. I have to eat them sparingly.

June 10, 2022

@caria connoisseur is a good term for when I want to feel fancy I guess,  I’m just a fan of cannabis lol.

Consuming orally is a better option than smoke inhalation anyway. Yeah that’s the only thing about edibles. Most are sweets, so full of sugar. You know you can make tinctures pretty easily for sublingual dosing. MCT oil with decarbed flower or extracts. Store in amber glass with dropper lid. Gel caps work too.