Unproductively Busy

Seems the more I try, the less gets done. Idk what the hell happened but people are regressing at a rapid rate. When did everyone become so occupied with being entertained? The real world is getting weirder and everyone exists online.

How do people with so little experience have the most to say? Why are people so willing to listen to people that barely know what they’re saying? It’s so odd.

And why are they still bussing people here? I’m not sure what type of opportunities they’re expecting to find here, but this ain’t the place to just randomly show up to when you’re homeless, unemployed and have a network of zero people. There’s nothing to be found but desperation and drug habits. So many people end up losing their minds and living in tents. A bunch of arrived here talking normal and making sense. Fast forward 12 months and they’re anti hygiene and talking to people only they can see.

And what’s the deal with everyone all of a sudden becoming so politically opinionated? I swear people that never had any interest in anything dealing with real life come to DC for a few months and all of a sudden turn into a damn CNN correspondent. People keep asking me about who I’m voting for for mayor too. Since when tf has asking people who they’re voting for become acceptable? Am I imagining things or didn’t that shit used to be private?

I’m tired of a lot of this silliness. But hey, complaining doesn’t solve anything. Sometimes I wonder if I even know what I’m doing. I don’t even bother asking others opinions any more. Most people I know have shitty analytical skills and ever worse logic. Not exactly anyone that I can trust their advice. I wonder how do some of them even make it each year. Why does everyone else seem to catch a break over and over? Ignorance really must be bliss. Just get to breeze through each day all nonchalant and carefree. Happy go lucky. Meanwhile I have to think for myself and everyone else.

Well, it’ll be 8am soon. I’m tired. I’ve been up for hours. But the world is really starting to come alive now, I may as well get dressed and head out.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

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June 16, 2022

people are far too addicted to internet… it is crazy…. but yet here I am too LOL but I am not on for long… 10 mins here and ten mins there

July 9, 2022

Why are people so willing to listen to people that barely know what they’re saying haha I so agree. please consumed by stimulates, everything on surface and superficial and caught up desire of illusion of drug, drinking, not living…