Thin line between hate & fate





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Guilt – another word for fucking up

You keep looking back, like blood in a cup

Named, shamed, always to be blamed

My fault or theirs, No one really cares

Cz fuck you and fuck everyone,

You’ve never made me feel good enough



You speak like this is what I want, this is what I need

You can’t always compare situations, when you aren’t the only one that bleeds

If im the worst person, worse than the piece of shit that left you alone

Then go on, walk out, like the rest and close another fucking door

Do what’s best for you, do what makes you feel good



Life is too short and too brutal to escape

Lets forget about love, focus more on hate

This, what we shared, for you, was a revolving door

You walked in, walked out, sorry this was such a bore

If you were so honest, neither did I lie

Au revoir, Adios, Good-fucking-bye!

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