Intentional but unbelievable

OD is back, I have nothing significant to say, but I’m too jittery to sit still, so you get a survey! AGAIN.

Purple: 10 facts about my room
A. I currently have a black and white hamster named “Draco” living in it.
B. I have two steamer trunks filled with books that I’ve read and another stack of books that’s taller than I am waiting to be read.
C. It’s neat, but cluttered. I have no more room for anything.
D. Mostly all of the things I have out on display are things that have been given to me by someone I love. Every one of you who has sent me something is represented there!
E. It’s blue and white, which I love. Thank gods my parents never stuck me in a pink princess-y kind of room.
F. I didn’t have my own television in my bedroom until I was 18 and I still have the same one I got on my 18th birthday.
G. I don’t have a cable hook-up there (because the TV is too old) so I watch nothing but DVDs, which live in the dresser drawers that the TV sits on.
H. I ALWAYS have windows open and the ceiling fan on, without question.
I. I have way too many blankets draped over the footboard (thing) of the bed.
J. I haven’t seen what’s stored under my bed in years and it scares me enough to never bother looking.

Blue: 9 facts about my family
A. Both sides of my extended family are rather huge. My mother had 3 siblings who each had kids and most of them have kids. My father has one brother, but a TON of cousins and second cousins, etc. Half the state of Vermont is probably related to me in some way. I have family I’ve never met and I have family I could trip over and not recognize.
B. This past summer, I met up with my father’s cousin Ellen for the first time in my life and she kidnapped me and took me sightseeing. The joke was that I’d never be heard from again.
C. I have an extremely tumultuous relationship with my father and have since I was very, very little. The first time I ever remember an incident and being afraid of him is when I was approximately 2 years old.
D. The closest person to me in my family was my mother’s mother who passed away almost 8 years ago.
E. My father had cancer when I was sixteen and has been in remission since then.
F. My mother’s mother died of several different kinds of cancer. Her brother died of pancreatic cancer and her sister died of brain cancer. I feel doomed.
G. My father and his brother used to do quite a lot together but they didn’t talk for a lot of years, despite living less than ten minutes away from one another because they got into a fight over something to do with taking care of their housebound mother.
H. In the same sense, it meant that my two cousins and I haven’t really seen each other in years, despite the fact that one still lives in the same neighbourhood he grew up in and the other visits frequently. It’s not that we couldn’t make plans to meet up, as we’re all adults now, but it’s just been this way for so long that the only contact we have is on Facebook.
I. Truth be told, I really don’t know anyone in my family very well at all. I know quite a lot of you better than I know them, and oddly enough, I’m ok with that.

Green: 8 facts about my appearance:
A. I have eyes that were once described as “Cadet blue” by an old friend who was in military school and I happen to love my eyes.
B. I think this is a pretty well-known fact by now, but I’m pierced quite a lot- ears only for now. I have 9 holes in my right ear and 7 in my left. I’m currently craving getting my nose and tongue done, and if it wouldn’t cause too many issues out in the ‘real world’, I’d love to get snake bites done too, but I doubt the latter would ever happen.
C. My bangs are still blue and I’ll continue to re-blue them for as long as I can get away with it.
D. I tend to either wear boots or converse-style sneakers, no matter what outfit I might be wearing.
E. I have absolutely no sense of style and whatever I pull out of my closet is what I wear for the day. It tends to be jeans and tshirts, though.
F. I’m a jewelry junkie, hands down. At any given time, I can be found wearing two braided ankle bracelets, 8 more of those around my left wrist, a necklace (or two or three- currently 2) and all the hardware in my ears. Buy me jewelry and I’m yours for life. 😉
G. Most of my wardrobe comes in various shades of black and blue. Ninety-nine percent of my metal jewelry is silver.
H. I stand around 5’5″, give or take.

Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood
A. I don’t have too many happy memories from my childhood.
B. The few I do have are mostly the times when I was left alone to do my own thing or I felt respected/wanted/loved.
C. I used to have (and still have, but it’s in storage in the basement) a wooden toybox that my father’s father made for me. It was in my bedroom and it was filled with all the stuffed animals and dolls I owned. I used to climb in there and sleep for naps.
D. The first song I ever remember learning the words to was “Islands in the Stream”- Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. But there was always music somewhere.
E. I ‘ran away’ once. I had a backpack shaped like a koala and I stuffed a pillow, several books and an apple into it and hid in the bushes in the back yard for hours waiting for people to come looking for me and they never did. It was fall and I was visible.
F. My father had a yellow lab named Buffy and she lived in an outdoor dog run and had the warmest dog house inside. I used to crawl in there with her and hang out just for fun.
G. I once kidnapped a stray cat and held it hostage so I could play with it for a while until I got sick of it and set it free again. I think I kept it for the better part of a day.

Orange: 6 facts about my home town
A. I live right on the Jersey shore, so it’s tourist central in the summer.
B. Pretty much anything you ever need is within a fifteen minute drive anywhere, so there’s rarely a need to travel out of town for any reason.
C. Gas stations and 7-11s are abundant.
D. Wawa convenience store/gas station rules all.
E. My town/this area has been called the “cancer capitol” because there was a huge issue with there being cancer in the water.
F. We have a HUGE Halloween parade every year and it’s really pretty cool.

Red: 5 facts about my best friend
(Ok, I have to go generic here because I have several!)
A. Very artistic and creative.
B. Non-judgmental.
C. Open-minded.
D. Incredibly funny.
E. Loving.

Pink: 4 facts about my parents
A. Both parents are retired and they’re driving each other crazy.
B. My mother has zero hobbies and does nothing with her time except work in the yard.
C. My father is an avid hunter and fisherman and is always on the go when it comes to things of that nature.
D. I take after my father when it comes to preferring the mountains and my brother takes after my mother and both of them would rather live near water.

White: 3 facts about my personality
A. I can adjust my personality to whoever I’m talking with and mood-match extremely well.
B. I tend to be extremely open-minded about a lot of things, which is why people tell me on a regular basis that they find me ‘easy to talk to’, which I love.
C. The less sleep I have, the sharper and funnier I get.

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things
A. Music- I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember, but it’s become an obsessive passion especially lately.
B. Nature- because you just never know what you’re going to get, and if you’re there to photograph it, it’s all the better.

Black: 1 fact about the person I like
A. He’s sound asleep right now.


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