One more musical.

March 22, 2022 – 10:11 P.M.

My friend and I went to Cyrano tonight. She told me to meet her at her work and to park on the side of the building. I got there 10 minutes late but no harm. She had me pull around to the back where she came out and said, “I’m riding with you, lady!” πŸ˜… I didn’t mind driving and admired her confidence in just calling the shots.

We drove out there and I parked where I thought was a good parking spot, only to realize they had locked the side entrance and we had to walk around to the front lol I’m out of shape and she has much longer legs than me so I always feel like Hal speed walking to keep up with her.

Anyway. We get there and get little personal pizzas and a popcorn to share. She fills up our drinks while my hands were full. I was impressed by the fact she got my soda right to the top without it fizzing over. We go in, find our seat but there’s a group of people over one too many seats and they all get up to move over which I felt wasn’t necessary but appreciated their politeness and humor about it.

The movie, of course, was beautifully done. I always say that but there’s nothing more I can say. I really loved it. The songs. The acting. The plot. Pure artistry. She leaned over in the beginning and said, “I didn’t know this was a musical” I chuckled and said, “yeah, are you disappointed?” “No, pleasantly surprised” she said haha. I’ve been asked before why I like the movies that make me cry or feel. I don’t have a finite answer. I like feeling. But not necessarily my own feelings. I’m unfortunately kind of a stuffer so I guess it feels nice to empathize with a character and get lost in their emotions rather than my own although sometimes mine are probably in the mix somewhere.

When it got out, we stopped by the restrooms where I checked my makeup while she did her business. We talked about how nice it is to have the same taste in movies and she called me a movie buff! I was so flattered ☺️

Anyways, going to the movies and having the weather warming up I’m getting excited for the drive in to open. I’ve only had good memories there, with the exception of one time that can be for another day. It’s a comfort and enjoyment I’m ready for.

She made me laugh because she feels embarrassed having to run her plans by her boyfriend. I can’t remember if she said he was needy or what but she told me he said I’m the only friend of hers he really trusts cause I’m not a “man hating slut” 🀣 I know this is offensive but I laughed cause he’s just so. So like that. I told her it was funny and to tell him, I may not hate men but I sure am a slut. This made her laugh and say “I love all the mens” lol I enjoy that we make each other laugh, she is seriously so funny. And cutting out of work early, sneaking out of there so her boss didn’t know she left? Lmao I love her. She makes me feel happy cause I can actually be myself around her. And she has the biggest heart. I dunno. I just enjoy our friendship.

Didn’t mean to make this entry all about how much I adore her but there you have it. I’m happy to have a break from my slump. It was feeling pretty bad. Hope this lighter feeling lasts.

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March 23, 2022

I’m so glad you had a break in your slump!! I love when that happens, it always makes me feel better. And it sounds like you had an amazing time. Your friend sounds amazing, πŸ™‚ Hope you have a great day!

March 23, 2022

But why does he care if she’s around other women who act “slutty.” What does he think is going to happen. Like get invited to orgies or something.

I am glad you went to the movies and had a good time. I laughed at the part about you being impressed with her ability to fill the drinks. You’re a character.