Serious ICK.

November 11, 2022 – 10:57 P.M.

Some years ago I worked with this guy. We’ll call him Dane. He seemed like a cool person, someone I was actually excited at the thought of being friends with. He was funny, liked the same kind of shows and hobbies as I did and was just a generally friendly, outgoing dude.

Now we all know you have work friends who are only relevant to us while we work at the same facility together. It seems like a true enough friendship until one of you up and quits and there just wasn’t enough of a foundation there to sustain anything. I always think you have a better chance at becoming real friends once you hang out outside of work. With that being said, we did just that. We met up at the arcade (with another fellow coworker) then went to an ice cream joint. He bought my ice cream as an early birthday gift. It was a very kind gesture.

Things kind of hit the fan though as we sat and chatted over our sweet treat. He brought up his past and explained why he had to go to court. I honestly can’t remember why he even brought it up but I didn’t know how to take it. It was some serious allegations against him… like horrific domestic abuse type stuff. He did try to play if off like it wasn’t true and how heartbroken he was about it. Unfortunately I kinda just gave him the benefit of the doubt not knowing the other side of the story. But a couple weeks following this, I started noticing his behavior was just kind of gross; going after multiple women in the office where we worked. I wasn’t as open or friendly with him. Eventually he stopped showing up to work. I do remember messaging him afterward and finding out they fired him. He never said why but I think there was some drama involving some girl he was trying to date I don’t really know.

Okay. So there is this performer my sisters and I adore. We’ll call her Janis. IMAGINE my surprise when my sister sends me a post from Janis showing off her new boyfriend and IT’S THE GUY I USED TO WORK WITH??! She has a pretty decent following, like blue check verified type thing. So honestly it was very shocking to see. It feels SO fucking icky to know him and his bs and see how she’s smitten by him, all her fans being supportive. I’m worried she’s going to get hurt. I’ve thought about emailing her the article of his arrest. I just don’t know if it’s a good idea. It doesn’t feel like my place or business. It’s just still so unreal. He’s such a fucking weasel. I can’t. She deserves way better.

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