The last couple of days I’ve been battling a bad virus. It’s one of those ones that sinks it’s claws in and hangs around for awhile. It really sucks. Youngest caught it first. She’s rarely sick but given that she just started Kindy I expected her to catch something. All my kids did when they initially started daycare.

Anyway, my chest feels raw and it’s straight up misery. Hubs came down with it yesterday so he’s shitty and miserable too.

Fun times.

I’m a bit annoyed. Two reasons.

1. Was supposed to start training April 9th for the new job. Had to push it back to attend to some “family stuff.” Was told that the next training date would be May 14th so I took that one. Come to find out it’s not, they’re starting training academies every week through the end of May!! Wish they’d have told me that there was the option of starting a class April 30th (and I found this out because one of the girls I did my interview with just rescheduled herself into this class). All my other friends have started already. Ugh. I can’t decide if I’ll have all my stuff organized in time for an earlier  start date. Even if I can it’s the mental preparation I can’t seem to wrap my head around. Leaving my family for 8 weeks in a different state? Owch, that’s gonna hurt.

2. Gave my notice to my current employer. General Manager was OK about it but I guess good news travels fast because a regular customer came into the shop the other day and said the Store Manager was making comments about why I’d want to leave for a new job? Ahhhhh because retail kills my brain cells? Jesus. It’s okay, it’s not for everyone and I get that but no needs to disparage someone else’s choices!

Not the most exciting entry. Bah.

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April 20, 2018

can you maybe switch and still start April 30th?

April 21, 2018

@sorrowsfade Unfortunately no.

April 23, 2018

@nurse_vee shoot!