Níl aeon leid agam…

There was not a possibility to get a passport appointment until the morning of my trip and I was leaving at like 5 AM anyway so that was not going to work and now I am left wondering what to do; so I will get the money back, though it doesn’t please me much as it still comes out of someone’s pocket for a ridiculous mistake. Maybe I am too exhausted to travel like that quite yet and there is a lot I can accomplish before I go anywhere at all. I have been scared of rejection from so many places and I figure the odds are one of the places I am scared of that is going to turn out to he justified but nope not a one yet has turned out the way I have feared and one of those was riding lessons and equine therapy. I’m just learning he doesn’t necessarily respond within 24 hours.

LOL, I just wrote ‘not a one’. Is this a way my Irish is going to influence my English, saying things like not a one? Níl aeon carr agam. I think that is “I don’t have a car” in Irish and you emphasise how few you actually have when you say you don’t have any. You say you don’t have one car, or that you don’t have a car at all. You don’t have a house though a house might be ‘of’ someone who is in the genetive case: teach Shéain, the house of Séan, but if you want to say he has a house you say Tá teach ag Séan, there is a house at Séan. Oh such a fascinating, colourful language, and the ways it is different from other languages I have studied are very enjoyable to me. I realise that seeing signs in Irish has been such a big part of my life and yet as much as I wanted to it never occurred to me to try to learn it? Now that I do there are ways that feel natural that I can’t explain.

So, now I have lots more time, I guess, that won’t be taken up by the ins and outs of traveling. If my passport does not turn up I will just make an appointment to get one and decide where and when to take off next. The point was to be around during the holidays and otherwise away but with this trip off I don’t really see the point in planning another one, before Christmas, anyway.

As far as having time, I feel a little more spacious in a way, and I at least feel more relaxed about starting to reintegrate music into my activities, spending days at a time studying Python, getting maybe further in both Spanish and Irish than I would have otherwise, and getting to watch TV as I actually got the first TV I have ever had in years and the only one I can *remember* that was my own had an antenna as I recall and the screen could not have been more than five inches across. I guess it is okay, and this makes the whole 12 week plan easier, so I can be more consistent at it, and I can hopefully be more confident in all of it when it is all said and done.

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