A Perfectionist Comfortable With Failure

How do I become so obsessed in a book that I finish it within a day again?

How do I sing the lyrics to a good song instead of just listening to the words with a quiet mind?

How do I show the people in my life that I love them?

How do I- I know I shouldn’t have to ask these things.

So why am I?

I don’t seem to have the same “thrill” for life that people around me have (or at least pretend to have).

I see the world by all it’s disasters rather than all it’s successes. I am a logician afterall.

And now it has caused me to fall behind in this feeling of excitement towards life, towards the future.

Success seems so miniscule when in reality failure is just completely blown out of proportion. And for no good reason huh?

So instead of having a fear of failure, why do I have a fear of success? I should be much more terrified of the outcome of failure.



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August 17, 2021

I am a thinker too and find myself going in deep and end up with more questions then answers. I agree I am also more scared of success then failure. Not sure if it is a society thing i.e. media propaganda or personal experience. Probably both. For me success is scary because I would not know what to do with it. I am familiar with trying and failing.  I see the world for its disasters too, especially as I have gotten older.  Maybe it is linked to the way we think i.e. expect failure and not success as the world is doomed.  Part from all this, I know from bottom of my heart there is good in the world. Cliché but as Pablo said anything you can think of exists.