Today, Tomorrow, and So On

9:13 AM

I am sitting on my bed having honestly a pretty poor breakfast (half a sandwich from the night before) scrolling through all of your posts.

So many lives lived, and being lived. It really puts things into perspective on just how large this world is and how many of us struggle each day.

I finish my food and take a sip of coffee. The warmth it brings into me is the most I’ve felt in, well a very long time.

It has become a monotonous cycle. I wake up exhausted and I go to bed feeling the exact same. No source of energy can be found.

Can’t say I don’t put in the effort though; working out (or at least trying to), reading, writing, constantly trying to keep my mind and body active.

Becoming so focused on getting better has made me loose a grasp on the fact that I already am better than before.

And to be quite frank, I haven’t really looked at my life like that until I just wrote that last sentence.

Even with all my poor days, weeks, and months, I am still here the next day.

I applaud myself for my strength and courage and I ask anyone who reads this to just take a moment and thank yourself.

You are just as strong as me (if not more) and you being here right now proves it.

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August 16, 2021

Just take it one day at a time. 😀