I don’t really mind waking up so early for school, but that doesn’t mean I’m waking up before 10 on a weekend. I might be getting a job at Chik-Fil-A, and when I can, I’ll open up a savings account. I hope I’m well off when I grow up, onion sandwiches sound like a terrible thing to have to eat. Why are birds so smart? I love calamari but it’s kind of weird to think about how sophisticated and complex octopus are.. octopi, ooctopuses. Platypus’ are such ridiculous animals, they have single handedly ruined our way of organizing animals. Bees are cuter than flys even though they can sting, potatoes are so versatile. There’s a potato just sitting on the counter, it’s been there for a couple months and it has started its own ecosystem. Is that why vodka is so strong? Do you think we’ve tried to ferment cheese to make cheesier cheese to out cheese normal cheese and someone got ill and died and that’s how we discovered we can only cheese cheese once to make edible cheese? Is the moon cheese? What’s stopping the moon from being cheese? Why do rats like cheese and can cheese keep its shape and taste in space? Cheese is pretty awesome

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