I feel terrible this morning, I saw a dead kitten in the middle of the road. Looking completely alive, still and ubreathing, sprawled out as if running in a dream. Just a shitty experience overall. In memory of the kitten, I want to talk about pets, of which I have many. My first pet, a stray dog I found with my dad and sister on our way from watching infinity war, which happened to be on my birthday. We ended up bringing her inside, sweet thing, named her Carly and fed her some chicken. She was still a puppy, a pit lab mix I think. She loved to play, to pee under the table, and to chew everything we didn’t want her to. We kept her for about a month or two, we loved her a lot, took her to the beach with us and spent so much time with her. But unfortunately, we were living in condos, which didn’t allow pets. Our neighbour snitched on her and my dad had to get rid of her, he said he dropped her off at a PetSmart but I’m mature enough now to know he probably just found a patch of woods to throw her in. Next was another stray, a kitten this time. We were driving cross state and at a rest spot we found a litter of kittens with their mommy cat. About a dozen kittens, it was crazy. We caught one, the runt who couldn’t run that well away from us. So small, my guess is a week or two old topsies. He just kept climbing all over us with his tiny little claws. We took him home with us and he refused to get out of small spaces, under the couch, in between the couch cushions, and we kept him in a little box. I came up with his name, Jupiter. I might make a seperate entry just for Jupiter since this is getting a little long, help strays out when you can and have a better morning than me please

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