My cat, my child, my baby. Around 2 years ago, I stole Jupiter from his family, when we took him home he was terrified. We spent the better part of the week getting him to warm up to us, making him drink kitten formula, and getting him to play with toys we got him. By the end of it, he was jumping out of his box to sleep with us on the bed. Funny thing, the guy we were living with didn’t even know about him, and when we found Jupiter, we had always assumed he was a girl. But we found out otherwise when he got sick with a URI (Upper respratory Infection) which turned out to be really common for kittens, especially runts. But when he did get sick, we were terrified, so much stress had been caused because we thought he had gotten into rat poison, how stupid he was at the time. We took him to the vet, found out he was a girl, got our medicine for him, and he eventually got better. We moved around some and he stuck with us, 4 different houses we stayed in. He only got healthier and more active, he didn’t grow a lot for some reason, and he made friends with other cats. The only problem is he somehow forgot that he has to use the litter box so he’s an outside cat now, and also he plays really rough, like he hunts you down and attacks you with intent to kill sometimes. But he’s a sweet little boy and he gets plenty of inside time with one of his oldest toys we found recently, a little stuffed mouse he will surely rip in two some day. And yes I intend to put out many Jupiter entries because there’s a lot of funny stories of him

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September 16, 2022

Have you had him neutered?
How old is he? They usually suddenly mature and slow down about age 2. The males. The females will slow down and stay like kittens if you neuter them before they have kittens.
He sounds a treat.


September 16, 2022

@carbonbasedlifeform He got neutered last year, he made a lot of fuss because he had to wear a cone for like two weeks

September 16, 2022

oops! You say about 2 years.