I just want to talk about noticing things this time. I notice things about myself and other people, more specifically the stuff I hate. I’m an angry and hatful person, I notice that about myself. I have to constantly remind myself or else I won’t work to better myself. A lot of people around me crave attention and approval from everyone else around them. Although it’s something they should’ve left behind in middle school, some of my peers in high school try to force the world to revolve around them. They think they have it worse than everyone else and they can’t help but share with the whole class what exactly is going wrong in their life, what do they excpect? They recieve attention and they get to have the pity parties their friends throw for them, but they never stop. When they get out of here, no one will care, people will resent you for thinking you have it the worst. I use to be like that though, maybe that’s why¬† hate them so much. I see myself as superior to them and I know it’s wrong, I hate them when I know it’s a sin and I think I’m more mature than them because I outgrew something childish. I am better than no one, no one is better than me, that’s what I strive to invision. This simple affirmation would stop smart people from doing stupid things. I know no one, only what they choose show me. No one knows anyone, most don’t know themselves, others reject to see themselves. When someone seems terrible, assume they’re having a bad day. Wish them a better day, smile at them, it might make them angry or it might help them more than you know. These are the things that I’m aware of and all I strive to be

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