The Day the River Cried.

The thing I love most about rivers is that they’re always happy. They always burble and gurgle and keep moving forward, no matter the obstacles in their way. Growing up deep in the woodlands of the northern US, rivers and lakes were plentiful, and so was happiness. Life was simple.

Since growing up, the river’s joy I gained from my childhood stuck with me. Obviously I had my bad days, but overall I was a happier-than-normal girl, with good friends, a decent job, and a dog cuter than overalls on a ladybug.

However, fitting with the dismal modus operandi that 2020 has graciously gifted to the world, today the river cried. I’m not sure if it recognized me as a friend from childhood, or just a lonely, broken heart in need of solace. When I sat down on its banks and added tears to its waves, the burbling stopped. Gurgling became quiet, and for a moment, they became whimpers of pain. Quiet sobs echoed from the river and entered my core through fine mist.

Today I had to walk away from someone I love. I walked away from the person who knew me the best, brought joy to my life and fought for me when I wouldn’t fight for myself.

Today I found the comfort of an old friend. Today was the day the river cried with me.


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August 23, 2020

Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us. I’m so sorry to hear that you had to get through the moment when you needed to walk away from someone you love. When I had to walk from my car to the court door to close my previous marriage, the river cried with me. It was not like flooding, but temporally the river made a detour to get back to the main stream in which my old friends and family members are waiting for me. Actually, they are not waiting. They have been there for me all the time. Today, I have a beautiful wife and I feel fortunate. One step at a time for myself and I try to give one good thing to my family members and friends at a time 🙂