ch 2

I  dont know if i can forgive you yoongi….Give me time to think okay? yoongi looks and jimin and nods. jimin your arm should be okay now said yoongi as he turns around and walks out of the room and closes the door. jimin goes to lay in bed wondering if he should forgive yoongi for the second time. he soon falls asleep.  yoongi goes to the kitchen and gets some soju to drink. talking out loud man I fucked up this time. i wont be surprized if jimin wont forgive me. yoongi downs the bottle.

namjoon walks into the kitchen

yoongi whats the matter said namjoon looking at yoongi

i was drunk and this guy took advantage of me but jimin didnt want to hear it. he thinks i cheated on him. namjoon i was raped can you help me with jimin?

id rather not get involved but ill try and talk to him tommrow.

namjoon sits down and has a drink with yoongi….they both drink untill they are drunk..

they then go there sepreate ways and go to there rooms to go to bed.

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2 weeks ago

I can hardly wait for more….Thank-you for sharing.

2 weeks ago

Holy shitballs! Only I rape my Suga. 😛

2 weeks ago

Wait … don’t reply to that LMAO!!!