Still alive. Still around. Still kicking.

I am living an essentially itinerate life – I sleep on a cot in the living room of friends. This is the 5th month of this displaced living. It was not supposed to be so. However, events conspire to change a person’s schedule: I view it as evil, but don’t put much weight behind the judgement as I have little time or energy to spare for such causes. If I am wrong in the end I will be pleased. In the meantime, I continue to press on for a small hovel of my own.

The living room, and thus my friends’ home, is rural – way rural. I have access to satellite internet, but the wifi can be reached only from their bedroom and sometimes the bathroom if I’m seated in just the right position.


Nonetheless, connectivity is problematic and rather slow when it occurs at all. I still have net access at work, but more and more sites are blocked by our filter software. More and more of my time is being taken up by work, as well. This is not evil, rather it is a blessing in God’s timing. I have asked many times that I should be allowed to serve in this capacity or on that committee. God has granted my wishes.

Work is very fulfilling at the moment. Very tiring. Very..full. But fulfilling.

Beyond this, there is no more.

This is my life: a 30 minute commute, work, another commute, sleep. Yes, there is variety, mostly compelled by my friends — dinner out, shopping, occasional side trips. But mostly its commuting and shopping as a chore.

I am adjusting to it. I am trying to be content.

I miss gaming online with my bro and nephews. I miss my house, tidy and organized the way I think best. I miss the big screen tv, and kicking back to relax into it several times a week. I miss my truck. I miss being in the city and therefore having a shorter commute.

Oh, and my office has been moved from the front of the building upstairs to the core of the building downstairs. So I also miss sunlight, grass, and trees.

But I am blessed. Sooo blessed. I do not want for food, clothing, or shelter. All of my family and friends are healthy. I am employed, even if I receive no benefit from that at the present time. I am loved by God and receive daily reminders of such. I have started hanging with some “new found” friends, and we have much in common including a conspiracy theoretical attitude and spiritual core values. They are also geeks.

I feel like I am the recipient of life right now. I am the poor, and I am receiving from others. I give back at work, in as much as my responsibilities have expanded to include my other competencies. But as a people, I am the poor. I move through life very much as it directs me, as God directs me as He controls my circumstances and I make choices to follow His lead.

I still make mistakes.

It’s going to get harder, too.

I am at the bottom of the financial bucket. I am selling my TV to pay bills this month. I have no such recourse in November. I’ll be having to default in November and December. Unless the matter is resolved.

But I am finding I have little time to put to the resolution. Yet another reason why I had planned to be in a place of my own by now: so I would be free from the distractions and have the space and time available to pursue the legal research necessary. …I digress.

On a random note: I’ve been using Menuka? honey to treat an infection. I’ve had some bumps around my nose. My dermatologist suggests its rosea. He claims its triggered by diet. He’s full of crap. It’s MRSA or Impetigo. MRSA/Staph lives in the nose. So I’ve been smearing a little honey in each nostril, and then around the nares.

It has not stopped eruptions from occurring. But it has prevented them from oozing and crusting over, and therefore from spreading and being so contagious. Instead, it just comes to a head, dries up and goes away. It may actually be curing it – killing the infection – except my chronic inability to maintain a routine interferes and occasionally I go a day or three without applying the honey. Then I get more bumps.

I also believe it is helping with cold/flu season, as the sticky glaze helps filter and kill any germs I may be trying to inhale.

The problem is with itching; if I have an itch on my nose, say from a stray carpet fiber or other airborne tickley-thing, I have to be very careful to brush at it with my fingernail as a blade (not a shovel). Then I try to remember not to touch anything with that finger until I can wash it off. I have turned my desk into a subtle sticky mess on more than one occasion.

Sometimes, I just have to blow my nose. At those times, I must use brown paper towel from the lavatory, because tissue just leaves little (sometimes not so) flakes stuck to my face.

If anyone should think to try this, use the Manuka honey as it is not pasteurized and is somewhat medicinal. It still contains a high amount of hydrogen peroxide, and tea tree extracts. It doesn’t take much. I eat a half-teaspoon full each morning, and can use the residual on the spoon to mop up with a finger tip and spread around my nose. If you put it on too thick it will warm up on your skin and flow downward until it thinks it is level enough.

This can be a clever way of applying it to your upper lip behind a moustache. If this is not your intention, its just a waste and creates more sticky-hazard area to avoid throughout your day.

…in case you want to try it.

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October 14, 2009

I will be thinking good thoughts on your behalf, dear sir. *HUGS*