Three little words

In the effort to break the fraudulent hold of the municipal corporation of District of Columbia doing business as UNITED STATES and its subsidiaries, sometimes one finds themselves under the wheels of that which it seeks to thwart.

One cannot complain of said circumstance, and one cannot claim that they did not see it coming, nor that the present circumstance is unfair (except that all that the UNITED STATES does is unfair and unjust to the People).

However, having earned the enmity of the STATE, no matter how noble and worthy the cause or valiant the effort, it still can be daunting, intimidating and demoralizing.

It is under this wheel that I have currently slipped.

I get to experience six months of forced poverty. That is, unless and until I am able to find the proper leverage and apply it successfully to the STATE’s heel.

As this load of bricks, this pallet of bricks, has been unloaded over the general proximity of where I am sitting these past couple of days, I have found that while I am not willing to give up the fight, I am.. somewhat emotional.

My faith in God through Christ to see me through it, indeed to engineer and bring me to a victorious state that I pray, has not faltered. But, in the moment, in any given moment, I admit I feel overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, I’ve been participating in the “Sofa” forum (it is actually labeled with a couch icon, instead of words) on the SurpassHosting “Surmunity” forums. There is a thread started by their workers during a rather dull moment, in which people are supposed to tell about what they are having for lunch.

Yesterday, as I surfed this thread, I came to the end (at the time) where the poster left an image. It is an image of a baby bunny, perfectly white with wide black eyes, nibbling on the tassels of a lace/knit/woven bed throw. It sits on a hard wood floor with perfect poise, it’s head tipped high, eyes expectant but content and it nibbles on the tassel.

Above the bunny are three words which sum the picture:

num num num

This has become my mantra. A kind of prayer; a token of faith. Whenever I am feeling forelorn, lost or broken, I mumble “num num num” and I am reminded that God provides lace for bunnies to nibble, homes for wayward kitties, and coats of many colors for birds of the field — how much more He treasures me.

num num num and I feel lighter, and closer to tears in thanksgiving. Despite this seemingly massive attack, I am content, I am secure, and I am blessed. I know I am.

Because I have seen a little white bunny chewing on a bedspread.

num num num

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May 28, 2009

*HUGS* You always have such an amazing outlook on life.

***HUGS*** I am sorry you are having to battle. it is weary work. Num num num is a fantastic mantra. ***HUGS***