I have an interview tomorrow up at the campus where I’ll be attending if I get into the radiology program.  I’m really nervous.  Apparently there will be a sit down interview with the heads of the radiology department, followed by a writing exam that they said to schedule an hour for.  I’ve been trying to think of all the things they might ask me, but I’m coming up blank.  My one professor tried to give me some pointers, and that helped a little.

I’m doing super good in my classes this semester.  Two of my classes I’m around an A or a high B, and the other class (the hardest one) I am sitting at a B.  My chemistry class, while hard, seems to flow pretty easy for me, since it really just feels like a refresher course of my two high school chemistry classes – which were a LONG time  My math class, I felt like I was really falling behind in, but after taking our first exam, I feel much more confident.  Biological Structures and Functions class is extremely hard.  We have to know a ton of information, and we have so little time to learn it.  It’s part lecture and part lab.  I did awesome on my lab practical last week.  I got a 100%!

Well.. I’d better get some sleep.. big day tomorrow!  Wish me luck! 🙂

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Luck! 🙂